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One-on-one sessions are an opportunity to have time in the week solely dedicated to you and your emotional growth and healing. I approach therapy from a holistic perspective, weaving together Western Psychological theories with Eastern traditions of body-mind connection and spirituality. I believe that the ability to accept your emotions and use them to respond to life's challenges can be one of your greatest resources. Therapy helps us to learn how to tap into this resource and use it to navigate both our internal and external worlds. 

Learning to uncover and work with our feelings, means we gain new insights and depths into ourselves as human beings. It means we are able to recognise our patterns of behaviour and actively work to take care of ourselves in the ways we need. It means we can live lives that are full and exciting and joyful and that we can minimize the impact of stress, anxiety and other taxing experiences, without diminishing them. Through understanding our emotions, we are able to build deeper relationships with ourselves and others, and show up in our lives as more confident, creative, engaged and authentic individuals.

My hope is to help you reach a good 'flow', whereby you feel your life is in balance of these many aspects, without having to have everything in perfect, neat little boxes. We are all on this journey of life together and I hope to contribute to your experience by holding a safe and nurturing space and facilitating a deeper connection to yourself and others and generating more joy.  

Special areas of interest

  • Anxiety

  • Individuals in transitional life phases

  • Individuals experiencing low self-esteem and negative self-image

  • Identity development work

  • Stress, burn out and lifestyle management

Contact Me

Back2Health   |  4 Harfield Road, Claremont

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