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Food is NOT the Enemy

We all need food to survive. It's a basic need and yet we have the most complicated, nuanced relationships with food compared to any other species on the planet!

Humans are so out of touch with their intuition when it comes to food and eating which is absolutely wild to me as this is one of our most basic and primal functional needs. This is due to the toxic diet culture which is so ingrained within the tapestry of our society that we simply cannot escape it.

We are so accustomed to trying to change our bodies and control our food intake to conform to certain societal norms of 'health and wellness' that the actual health and wellness gets lost In translation.

This is a topic I am so passionate about and I truly believe that education, knowledge and self awareness is absolute key to changing the narrative and inviting in healing around food, nutrition and your relationship with your body.

Your relationship with food is one of the most basic, foundational relationships in your life. If you start to heal this relationship, you dare to start changing your life because this relationship impacts you everyday, throughout the day.

In order to heal this relationship you have to start with healing your mind and this is where so many people go wrong. They focus on their behaviors around food and try to alter their habits without the foundational tools to understand where these coping mechanisms have developed from and why there is a negative relationship in the first place.

If you can start to recognize the conditioning that has led you to be disconnected from your intuition around eating and you can identify your unhealthy thoughts, habits and behaviours, then you can begin to heal from an empowered space of understanding.

I'm going to be writing about this topic for the next couple of weeks and I have some really powerful content lined up to share with you.

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