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Mindful mornings & manifesting my dream life.

I have a morning mindfulness practice, which I call Mindful Mornings. This is my promise to myself to start each day mindful rather than mindless. I've had this practice for around 5 years now and it's been the best commitment I've ever made to myself.

It's not the same every morning and it changes and adapts as I change and grow; and as my lifestyle does. It is super flexible which makes it a commitment that is easy to uphold and not tedious or exhausting. It gives me enough room to decide how I'm feeling on any given day and to choose what I need, based on that. So it means that I'm checking in with my mind and body as I wake up and consciously choosing what is going to serve me best on that particular day.

I am fortunate to have time in the morning to spend on myself, which I realise many people don't have the luxury of.

I know this as I never used to have this privilege. I used to wake up at 4.30qm every morning to commute from Cape Town to Stellenbosch for work each day and at that stage I certainly didn't feel I had the capacity for mindfulness in between rushing to get ready, dressed & pack food, etc. But what I did do was make the car trip my 'mindful' time. I'd listen to my favourite playlists, podcasts & audio books. I'd take my takeaway coffee cup and sip on my caffeine kick as I drove and I'd think deeply about my intentions for the day.

Nowadays my practice is long and full of wonderful time for myself. I can't help but think that the time I spent commuting but still committing myself to mindfulness time helped me to manifest the life I live now; free to start the work day at whatever time I choose, with a morning of yoga, meditation, journaling, nature walks, reading, reflecting, swimming, coffee in bed, music, movement, breathwork and more. I now get to choose how I want to start my day with a lot more flexibility but the groundwork started for this 5 years ago.

It is amazing what can happen when you start to intentionally make time for yourself; when you intentionally hold space for your healing; when you choose yourself.

I didn't know when I started this practice that this is where I'd end up. but I knew in my heart that I needed it.

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