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Self-care meditation accessible to anyone

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Ever tried to do a mediation at home and got distracted by about a million things and was like, 'nah, this ain't for me'? Or perhaps you do practice meditation using an app or just focusing on breath but you want to take it a little deeper or make it more personal. I am going to share with you one of the ways I like to get in the zone and get grounded for the day. It's super easy and accessible to anyone and it gets better the more you practice.

Things you will need:

  1. Find a quiet and comfortable place in your home. Make sure it's decluttered and that there are no distractions (put your phone in another room)

  2. You can set the space up how you would like to but make sure it feels calm and open.

  3. Get yourself a cushion or something comfy to sit on, on the floor

  4. Something to write in and a pen

  5. 10-15 minutes

  6. Optional: lighting a candle

First settle in by taking a comfortable seat. I like to sit crossed legged on a cushion but this may not be comfortable for you so find a position that you can lean into. You can sit on your knees with a cushion in between your bum and ankles or you can even lie down (provided you aren't too tired, it's not time for a nap!). You can begin to settle by doing a few shoulder rolls, first backwards then forwards. Take a seated twist by placing your one hand on the opposite knee and your other hand behind you, looking over your shoulder. And the same on the other side. Perhaps roll your neck from side to side, taking your time. Take a forward fold over your legs if this feels good for you. Come to stillness in your seated position and start to focus on your breath. Engage your breathing through your nostrils, focusing on the space between your nostrils and your upper lip. Bring your eyes to gently close while maintaining the awareness of your breath. Try to elongate your inhale and hold for a moment before exhaling fully. Begin to let go of tension you may be holding in your body. Allow your body to start to relax while focusing your attention on your breath landing above your upper lip.

Your thoughts may start to wonder; recognise what comes up and let it go bringing your focus back to your breath each time. Know that there will be time for all of these thoughts a little later but right now it's time to be present. Once you start to feel less tense and more relaxed you can bring your attention within. Think of the words "I am" and begin to complete the sentence, using words that you feel you need to hear that day. For example, "I am brave"; "I am calm"; "I am loving", etc. Once you get to three affirmations that resonate with you on that particular day, pause and write them down on the paper in front of you.

My affirmations this morning 11.02.2019

Take a moment to learn each of them and get ready to repeat them, either out aloud or in your head. Sit up straight again and gently bring your eyes to close again. Spend a few moments bringing your attention back to your breath. When you are feeling settled, bring the palms of your hands to touch at your heart centre and tuck your chin slightly towards the tips of your fingers, in a prayer-like position. Whilst maintaining your natural breath, start to repeat your chosen affirmations to yourself, pausing between each of them and letting them sink in. Do this for as long as you need to; you may even find it helpful to add a bit of movement, swaying your upper body slightly in circular motions, going in one direction and then the other. You may speed up and slow down, do what feels good for you (there is no 'right' way) just don't forget to breath. When you are feeling like you are more grounded, you can begin to stop repeating your affirmations and start to slow your breath down again, coming to stillness. Take a moment to thank yourself for the time you have spent and give yourself a nice big squeeze, wrapping your arms around towards your back. Take one last peak at your affirmations written in front of you and you can either leave it there or you can spend some time writing and reflecting on the experience.

Take these affirmations with you the rest of the day and repeat them in your head when you feel you need a reminder (we all do sometimes).

If you find this difficult or challenging, it's probably means you could benefit a lot from it. We usually need to spend time doing things that are difficult for us as this shows us new parts of ourselves. I dare you to try again, and again, until it gets a little easier and you start to reap the benefits. Please let me know how it goes for you, I am so enjoying getting all your wonderful feedback on my posts - keep it coming, it's great connecting with you. Feel free to even share your affirmations, sharing them just makes us more accountable to them!

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