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Taking my Personal Instagram Public

Why I chose to make my personal Instagram account public: A letter to my community.

Hello dear one,

I want to share something from the heart with you today.

I want to let you know that, yes, I am a therapist but I'm also just a human.

Yes, I have the skills to hold safe space for your healing and walk alongside you on your path but I too, have a path.

Yes, I have a deep understanding of how your mind works but I too, have a mind of my own.

Yes, I can empathize with what you're navigating because I'm also navigating something right now.

Yes, I can understand that life can be so hard and harsh and dark sometimes because I have been there too.

Yes, I know how beautiful things can feel when we allow the light to come into the dark places because I've gone through my own process to get there.

Yes, I hear you when you say it's uncomfortable to be vulnerable and I get it because I've been there too.

Yes, I may not have been where you are, I may not fully understand how you feel but I choose to be a human and walk alongside you, asking: 'where does it hurt?' and believing you when you tell me.

Yes, I am a therapist but I'm just a human too and I want you to be able to see my humanness so that perhaps you can give yourself permission to just be human too.

I have a whole life outside of my work under the brand 'Therapy with Annie'

and being a therapist and a healer is only one role that I play in this lifetime. I have many other roles, none of which define me or my spirit.

I hope you can see the magnitude of your existence too. That you are so much more than your emotional experience, your mental di