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Connection during COVID-19

The opposite of dis-ease is connection. When we feel connected to ourselves and others we find comfort and ease.

Dis-ease is the breakdown of the word disease, which has connotations of illness. When we think of illness of the mind we think of mental illness and dis-ease is a pretty accurate summary of feeling mentally unstable.

We can all relate to feeling uneasy at times, on edge and overwhelmed. It's in times like these where we need to seek connection rather than isolate ourselves. Isolation is a common way to cope with dis-ease but it can often exacerbate the feelings - unless you are truly connecting to yourself in times of isolation. But mostly people need connection with others when there is a lack and that is also why this time has been so difficult for so many. We feel we are missing pieces of our lives that we took for granted before. Something as simple as greeting the same waiter at the same coffee shop every week is missing, and it makes us feel a disconnect. There are so many points of disconnection we are experiencing right now. There is a foundational lack of connection which causes us dis-ease.

Humans are community based creatures, we thrive off connection and without it, we feel: lost, disconnected and lonely. We don't feel seen or heard or loved when there is no connection and these are our most basic emotional needs.

Some journal prompts to consider:

  • In what areas of your life are you lacking connection?

  • Why is connection important and how could it help bring ease into your life?

  • How could you practice connecting to yourself more deeply?

  • What are some ways of focusing more energy on connecting now?

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