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self-healing program and journal

The Mind-Body-Food Reset

Are you ready to heal your relationship with food and your body, once and for all?

Do you ever experience any of the following?


Do you ever set strict rules for yourself around being 'healthy' and then when you make one 'mistake', you end up throwing out the whole plan for the day and just eat and do what you want?


Do you ever think to yourself that you could be more loving and accepting towards your body but that it just doesn't come naturally?


Do you ever feel that eating shouldn't be so hard? Having obsessive thoughts about what you should and shouldn't eat?


Do you ever feel disconnected from your body and what you eat? Like there is no pleasure or presence while you are consuming food?

If you answered yes to one or many of the above questions, then the MBF reset is for you.

a body wisdom approach to healing, eating and living

Based on the core values of Intuitive Eating, Mindful Self-compassion and Narrative Therapy.


This holistic reset program is designed to take you back to the fundamentals of wellness for your unique body. Empowering you to stop seeking for answers outwardly and start connecting inwards, towards yourself.


Find a roadmap to intuitive eating but more importantly, find your way to intuitive living.

Morning Coffee

Imagine waking up, slowly sipping your morning coffee while making yourself a healthy, delicious breakfast as you look out the window and hear the birds in the trees and feel the energy of the sun having risen on a new day.


You feel relaxed and open to what the day has to offer as you get ready, putting on clothes that fit you perfectly and make you feel like your best self. You think about the day ahead without worries about what you should or shouldn't eat intruding in on you. You have a plan in your head around when you should be eating and an idea of what, but there is no need to obsess.


As you move through your day, you eat mindfully, noticing when you are hungry and when you are full, and honouring these feelings. You know that if any challenges or triggers arise in the day, that you have the tools to navigate them and you can trust yourself to get through anything because you prioritize making space for yourself.


You choose movement over exercise and do what your body feels drawn to today. Overall, you have a sense of freedom, peace and comfort within your own skin. 

Use journaling and meditation as your access point for internal expansion

~ Unpack your conditioning around food and the way you relate to your body


~ Challenge the self-limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back


~ Summon your inner wisdom and learn to trust yourself and your body


~ Learn a new, conscious way of approaching eating that will leave you feeling empowered, well-nourished and healthy


~ Learn mindfulness techniques that will shift your world

woman journaling outside in a field
women lying on the beach with eyes closed, deep in meditation

The MBF Reset is for you if:


The MBF Reset is probably not for you if:

women on a beach with her hands in a prayer position

What will I find inside?

  • A radically different approach to any other wellness or eating program you've ever experienced

  • A comprehensive roadmap to recovery

  • A structured plan to follow with tools to get in touch with your body and it's hunger and fullness cues

  • Nutritional guidelines written by Registered Intuitive Eating aligned Dietitian, Emily Innes

  • Meal & snack suggestions and a simple portion guide

  • Exploratory journal prompts to unpack your conditioning, challenge self-limiting beliefs, summon your inner wisdom and actively heal past emotional wounds

  • Guided Audio Meditations

  • Daily Mindfulness practices & self-regulation tools

  • Practical tools for active transformation

  • Six weeks worth of daily and weekly journal entries

  • Access to Intuitive Eating but more importantly, intuitive living.

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