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Self-healing resources

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co-healing container

(doors open end September 2023)

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Co-healing Container

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The Co-healing Container is our monthly membership which will be opening at the end of September 2023. It is a commitment to doing the inner work within a supported therapeutic container, facilitated by Annie.


Each month the community will explore a new expansive theme in which we will dive deeply into what that theme brings up for you, where it shows up in your life and how to connect more deeply with yourself using the theme to guide you. We will use a combination of mindfulness meditation, visualization, breathwork, journaling, intuitive body wisdom techniques, yogic movement and somatic practices. Through these you will learn a wide variety of coping mechanisms to support you and nourish you on every level, which you will be able to take with you for the rest of your life. 

Within the container you will have access to a supportive group of like-hearted individuals who are also doing their own self-healing work. There will be pre-recorded guided meditations and journal prompts sent out weekly, as well as check ins on the WhatsApp group. We will have a live group healing session once monthly, where we come together and heal within community. 

The cost exchange monthly is R1280.00. It will be charged upfront once monthly and you are able to cancel your subscription at any time. Join the waitlist below and you will receive 30% off your first months membership.


Join the waitlist and receive 30% off your first month

By signing up before the co-healing container has opened, you are helping us to co-create this community. You will be the first to know when the doors open. Spaces are limited.

Thanks for submitting!

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