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Meet Annie

Meet Annie 

As a holistic integrative practitioner, I consider all the unique parts of you. My primary objective is to help guide you to new, healthier ways of navigating both your internal and external worlds.


I believe that the mind, body and spirit are inextricably interconnected and therefore cannot be treated in isolation from one another.

I offer online therapy sessions and self-healing resources to facilitate your healing journey from a space of open-hearted compassion.


It is my deepest honour to walk this journey with individuals who are called to do the inner work; to witness the unfolding of the therapeutic relationship, which acts as a safe container for healing and self-growth.

I am a big advocate of self-love and a big part of working with me will be developing your relationship with yourself; learning to trust yourself deeply and, essentially, learning the tools to become your own healer.

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Healing is your birth right.
If it is something you take ownership of, it will not only change you, but it will, undoubtedly, impact all the lives around you as well.

Healing Approach

My Healing Approach


I take pride in practicing a non-traditional therapeutic approach which is grounded in my training in Mindfulness, Narrative Therapy and Yoga, as well as my own unique intuitive body wisdom. 


I enjoy deepening the talk therapy space by bringing in different modalities, such as: meditation, visualization, breathwork and somatic practices as well as journal prompts to take with you after sessions. I want you to leave our sessions feeling empowered to integrate the processing and knowledge you've gained from therapy, into your real life.

My power lies in having the ability to see you as you are and to reflect back what I see with deep empathy and compassion. To show you that you already have all the answers you need within you and to give you the practical tools to access this inner wisdom. 

Areas of focus


  • Investigating and processing the roots of anxiety and depression

  • Support in navigating adjustment periods and life transitions 

  • Learning to manage stress, burnout and maintaining a healthy holistic lifestyle

  • Building positive, respectful relationships with oneself and others

  • Developing a sense of belonging and authentic identity

  • Exploring ones relationship with food and cultivating a healthy body image

  • Exploring Inner child and re-parenting work

  • Emotional preparation and support during pregnancy and postpartum 

Areas of focus

Education & Training


B.Ed. Honours In Educational Psychology

Stellenbosch University

Post Graduate Certificate in Education majoring in Psychology & English

Stellenbosch University

BA in Psychology

Minor in Sociological Studies

Stellenbosch University

Training & Certifications

Advanced Training certification in Gestalt Play Therapy

The Centre for Play Therapy and Training

Advanced Children's Yoga Teacher Training 

Blissful Kids 

Level 1 Hypnotherapy Training certification

Prof. Neil Broekman

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