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These days our children are constantly surrounded by pressures, social-media and general over-stimulation. This can lead to busy and stressful lifestyles, without children necessarily having adequate means to cope. Often, all they are really looking for is a place to ground themselves and have a space for self-development without the pressures of academics or performance. Through my groups, I aim to create and hold a space within which children can feel safe and connect with their unique selves; building a positive relationship with themselves and learn how to implement coping skills within their daily lives that will serve them in years to come.

Group sessions currently on offer:

MINDFULNESS AND CREATIVE GROUP for self-expression & identity development​

BUILDING RESILIENCE GROUP for managing stress & empowering oneself

YOGA AND JOURNALING GROUP for building self-confidence & positive self-image


These themes are available as either 6 week courses for small groups OR as workshops for larger groups.

Group therapy is a lovely way of providing an individual with a sense of belonging and support, surrounding them with different personalities who are navigating similar problems.  Group intervention can be very empowering and can teach children and teens important life lessons along their journey, whilst knowing they are not alone.