Work with me

Join me in discovering the inner world of your emotions and heart strings. Learn how to uncover and work with your feelings, gain new insights and depths into yourself as a unique human being. Learn to identify your repetitive patterns of behaviour and actively work to take care of yourself in the ways you need most. 


You have the potential to live a life that is full and exciting and joyful. You can minimize the impact of stress, anxiety and other taxing experiences, without diminishing them. Through understanding your emotions, you have the power to build a deeper relationship with yourself and others, and show up in your life as more confident, creative, engaged and authentic. 


My ideal clients are: women wanting to step into their feminine power; those eager to find confidence within themselves, getting to know themselves deeply and working towards cultivating a relationship of self-love.

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Online Therapy 

Therapy from the comfort of your home or from wherever you are travelling at the moment. There is no need to put your healing on hold.  All you need to do is find a comfortable, safe space for yourself and settle in for your session.

My rate is R900.00 per 50 minute session and I work with clients once weekly. This is super important to ensure we build a good rapport and a trusting foundation for the therapeutic process to unfold from.


International clients are welcome and can contact me directly for the relevant fees. Clients are able to claim back a portion of my fee from various medical aid schemes within South Africa.



Whether you're looking for more short-term, supportive counselling to address specific issues and find the right coping mechanisms for you or whether you are looking for a longer-term, deep therapeutic process; 

therapy is an investment in yourself.


As a therapist, I truly honor the space between us and the connection we will build together. Through the therapy process you will find space to call upon your authentic self and learn more self-awareness, compassion and congruence. Within the safe container of confidentiality, you will find comfort and room to explore your inner truth, without judgement. Together we will further explore and understand your self-limiting beliefs; repetitive thought cycles; behavioral patterns; and lifestyle habits which are no longer serving you.

In therapy with me, you will learn the tools to take care of yourself in the ways you need most.

You will essentially learn to become your own healer.



 Self-healing Tools

As much as therapy is deeply profound and significant, I also believe that the work which happens outside of the therapy space is just as (if not more) important.  Sometimes it is difficult to know where to begin and so it can be beneficial to use the resources available to you to guide you on your journey.


In my role as a Holistic Counsellor, I spend my days contemplating effective methodology and tools which best inform healing on an emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual level. Based on many years of experience in the therapy space, coupled with my own ongoing healing journey, I have carefully developed tools to help you help yourself; enabling you to empower yourself and take ownership of your unique process. 

These tools are best used in conjunction with a therapy process but can also be a great place to begin your healing process and get comfortable before seeking professional support.


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