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Creating a Sacred Space at Home

When we got back from our wedding celebrations and honeymoon I had this pull towards creating a sacred space in our home. A place to come and ground myself, a place for spiritual contemplation, prayer, journaling and quiet.

I'm not sure what brought this strong urge about... it's as if I had received a message from the universe that asked me to just listen and trust with an open heart. I've now created this little sacred nook with a few precious items that I hold dear. Every time I see this space it reminds me to come back to myself and to recognize the sacred life around me, to take moments in the day to practice conscious awareness and to just sit and be.

I'm not sure how this practice will unravel as time goes on but I'm interested to find out. This is me listening to my intuition and trusting the inner voice which is divinely guiding me, without knowing any set outcome or end goal of why this feels important.

This is different for me as I'm usually very intentional with my actions and I have an outcome in mind when i set out to do something. I feel there is a shift in my feminine energy that's allowing me to just go with the flow of this and see where it takes me. I guess I'll find out and let you know.

I'm interested to hear about if you have a space like this or an altar of sorts in your home? What purpose does it serve for you?

Right now, it's feeling like a channel to receive from and I know I need to work on being open to receiving so that's what I'm working on; relinquishing control and letting go of how I think things should be in order to be free to experience what needs to come in.


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