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First Trimester Feels

I've been undergoing energetic upgrades...

For the last 17 weeks (4 months) I've had a tiny human growing inside the safety of my womb.

I am in absolute awe of what the female body is capable of: magic?!

I ask myself everyday how did I come to be so blessed to have the honour of carrying another being within me?

I know this journey can be so difficult for so many and that some of you may even find this post really difficult to see. I hope I can communicate sensitively and share my pregnancy journey with tenderness and care.

If I'm honest with you, it hasn't been any easy ride... in fact it hasn't been what I had envisioned at all. My expectations of a glowing maternal journey were pretty much shattered by the reality of terrible nausea, vomiting and fatigue.

This had me man-down for the first 3 months (plus) where I had to really cut back on, well, everything. It was as if my body was just rejecting food and I was running to the bathroom up to 8 times a day to be sick.

It was incredibly tough with still working full time and I had to slow down a lot. I had absolutely no creative energy or capacity to feel inspired or energized. I couldn't exercise, journal or meditate as I'd either need to throw up or lie down. Even a walk around the block felt like I was at risk of having to be sick on the side walk. So all my go-to self-love remedies went out the window.

It forced me to really go back to the basics of grounding myself and honestly, just resting. I watched A LOT of Netflix, read a little when I could, barely moved my body and ate whenever and whatever I could.

I really had to relinquish control and trust that my body was doing what it needed to take care of me and the baby.

In reflection, it feels like it was the beginning of an energetic upgrade - an expansion of myself as it's not just me that I have to think of anymore. It's as if my energetic body has been (and is) making room for me to hold space for another human, all of the time.

It is such a relief to be feeling much better and to have my appetite back! I look forward to sharing this expansion of life with you as I journey forward.

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