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Important Reminder

The reminder I needed this morning is that it's okay to feel whatever you are feeling. I thought maybe you needed the same?

Your feelings, if anything like mine, might be messy and hard to comprehend right now. It may come in waves and ebb and flow, and change quite radically over short periods of time; or it may be slow and and bubbling up towards the surface and you find yourself pushing it down...but whatever your experience is, that is okay.

It's okay to feel grief, to feel immense anxiety, to feel terrible guilt, to feel deep sadness, fear, safety, love and gratitude. Even if all at the same time... It's okay to feel any of these things and many more but what's not okay is for you to shame yourself for feeling that way.

It's okay to feel your feelings. Give yourself permission and set yourself free from shame. Free from the tension you hold in your body by not acknowledging and validating your own feelings.

It's okay darling, It's okay.

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