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Life called me on my banana phone...

Life called me on my banana phone to remind me to not take myself too seriously 🍌

It's so important that while on our healing journeys we take time to enjoy the moment. laugh and be silly; not taking ourselves so seriously all the time. Especially in this world of social media and so many comparisons of ourselves to others (which is toxic!), we can tend to lose touch with our imperfect, messy, quirky and weird sides.

On this platform you mainly get to see the professional me, who is quite serious and probably looks really well put together but I have a child-like, silly side to me which is such an important part of my nature.

As adults we so often forget to PLAY! Play and fun is also super important in our daily lives and it's a way of connecting to your inner child.

For some people who didn't get to play much as kids and had to grow up real fast, this may not come naturally and that's okay.. but it is something that can be worked on and it is important for your soul!

In light of this, I challenge you to post something which shows your silly side. Something you may not usually post. Do it just for you and not for what people may react to.

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