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New years resolutions

It's a new year; it's the same me, making my way towards caring better for myself and better understanding my own limitations. (This has been my intention for a few years in a row now... it seems to be an ongoing challenge which I'm not sure will ever fully actualize as it's always a balancing act as to what's on your plate at a given time in your life).

A big part of change this year for me will lie in the little daily choices I get to make. What I do when I get a free moment in the day and how I choose to spend my down time. Learning to say no sometimes and not taking on too much. I'm sure many of you can relate and I'm sure many of you may be on the other end of the scale; needing to push yourself a bit more, do a bit more and expand within your own days.

But the main thing is that change does not have to look like massive shifts and huge commitments... it can lie within the everyday tasks and choices we make. Only we, ourselves, have the power to make these, sometimes micro, shifts in order to feel more ourselves. We need to be working towards becoming more ourselves, not necessarily 'bettering' ourselves, but rather becoming what we have always been, what our essence is and what we will always be. We are all love and we are all pure within our hearts; look within as to how to encompass this in your daily life.

A practical way that one can do this is to start connecting with your inner child, or the younger you. Learn how to nurture your inner child and love them, on a daily basis. This will help you to find softness, forgiveness and truth.

New year, same you, just working towards becoming more YOU.

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