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Reflections during COVID-19

I made some lists of reflective thoughts from my journal over the past few weeks. It is interesting to note that while there are many things that I miss, the things I am grateful for and the things that remain unchanged are more plentiful than that which I miss.

Things I miss:

  • My family & friends

  • Swimming and surfing in the ocean

  • The mountain

  • Yoga classes at a studio

  • My therapy chair and seeing clients in person

  • Hugs

  • Walking to work

  • Coming home to my partner after work after not seeing him all day

  • Breaks in the back garden

  • Knowing looks that require no words or explanation

  • Silence which feels comfortable

  • Weekends away

Things I'm grateful for:

  • I have family and friends that I care so deeply about and miss so much

  • Moments of quiet in nature

  • the sound of the birds outside my window

  • sunlight on my skin

  • the smell and feel of cool morning air

  • moments of stillness during the day

  • much more time with my partner and the closeness we have cultivated during this time

  • candlelight

  • my creativity