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The day we got married in our kitchen...

José and I were supposed to have our wedding in October, like so many others, we decided to postpone our special day. After much deliberation, we decided what was most important to us was to have a small and intimate celebration with our families and closest friends. We set a date for the full moon in February 2021 as we felt it would be sacred and of course, ultra romantic. We had asked José's sister, Nicol, to marry us which feels so special but this meant we needed to do the 'official part' beforehand...

And so, on the 21st of November 2020 we went for a morning surf and coffee as we usually do and came home (running late) to greet the man who would marry us. We stood in the kitchen, bare foot, in our beach clothes, my hair scraped up and no make up and we said our 'I do's'. Not quite the traditional ceremony we initially had in mind but it was a moment we will never forget.

Although we will see our wedding day in February as our official wedding day, where we will exchange our vows in sacred ceremony and thereafter celebrate with our nearest and dearest, we will still have this memory of us on our 'marriage day', barefoot on our kitchen floor.

I feel so privileged to do life with this human by my side and I'd marry him over, anywhere, anytime.

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