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The Emotional Responsibility of becoming a Parent

Part of becoming a parent is taking emotional responsibility for yourself, by healing your own wounds so that you don't pass them onto the next generation.

We are in an exciting transformational time as a collective. Healing is happening on many different levels and although there is still much pain and suffering in the world, more and more individuals are becoming aware of their need for healing and taking on this calling to step up and take ownership in their lives. This is truly worth celebrating.

I'm seeing more and more parents and parents-to-be stepping up and taking emotional responsibility by healing their own wounds and working on themselves so that they can show up better for their children. We are experiencing a collective movement towards healing generational trauma and starting new familial cycles. I can't tell you how excited this makes me! It is important to note that some individuals are parents in a non-traditional sense but they may be parents of society by showing up as leaders, teachers and healers and playing the parenting role in many peoples lives.

So if this is you, healing yourself and taking care of yourself in the ways you need most for the benefit of both yourself and your family or your community, I want to acknowledge you and celebrate you but mostly I want you to celebrate yourself and know that what you're doing is healing the world. Because if our children can grow up knowing self awareness, emotional regulation and healing to be the norm... wow... many beautiful shifts can start to happen in the world as we know it. The next generation can surely improve on what we have not yet realized and more healing can snowball from there.

If you are doing the brave inner work and breaking cycles drop an emoji in the comments to show your support to the collective to encourage others to step up to the task too. Regardless of whether you are a parent in the traditional sense or not, we need your healing medicine.


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