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The thing about beginnings

Recently I have been reminded that when I need clarity on something, dropping into my body and noticing what feels true, right and good is where I'll find my answers. So when I asked my body 'Where should I start?' when I thought about posting here again, It told me that I was asking the wrong question.

It told me I should be asking myself: 'Where do I wish to begin?'. Immediately I felt the tension drain out of me, I noticed my chest moving with each breath I took and the hair on my arms prick up in anticipation of something exciting.

You see, when we shift our narrative by changing the language we use, we can shift our whole view of something. When I was asking myself where I should start it made me feel anxious, uncertain and confused but once I asked myself the right question, I felt empowered, open and receptive to this new chapter.

So this is me starting 'somewhere'. I recognize that this is a good place to be, the beginning of a new chapter where I get to decide where I wish to begin, how I wish to begin. This is quite an empowering realization; the fact that I get to choose. I can allow myself to get curious and open up my mind up to a whole host of new opportunities and ideas; new realms of thought and alternative perspectives.

How about you? Is there something you have been avoiding starting? Do you need to get out of your nowhere space and shift into somewhere, anywhere? If so, I get you and I'm here for it. Let's start 'somewhere' together

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