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Current services & offerings

An Integrated Holistic approach to talk therapy ~ weaving together Eastern and Western techniques to facilitate deep inner healing

The holistic talk therapy space you have been looking for. Online weekly and bi-weekly heart-led therapy sessions..​

Self-healing tools, workshops & programs for your own continuous: healing, growth and development.

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1:1 Therapy Sessions

Join me in discovering the inner world of your emotions and heart strings. Learn how to uncover and work with your feelings, gain new insights and depths into yourself as a unique human being. Learn to identify your repetitive patterns of behaviour and actively work to take care of yourself in the ways you need most.


You have the potential to minimize the impact of stress, anxiety and other taxing experiences, without diminishing them. Through understanding your emotions, you have the power to build a deeper relationship with yourself and others, and show up in your life as more confident, creative, engaged and authentic. 


My ideal clients are: women wanting to step into their feminine power; those eager to find confidence within themselves, getting to know themselves deeply and working towards cultivating a relationship of self-love.

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Therapy sessions
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Rates & Medical Aid

All sessions are hosted online using Google Meet, unless otherwise agreed. My rate is currently R990.00 per 50 minute session. I work with clients once weekly to begin with. This is important to ensure we build a good rapport and a trusting foundation for the therapeutic process to unfold from. 


All invoices are sent out once monthly, at the end of each month and can be settled directly with me. Thereafter you are able to claim back from your medical aid. International clients are welcome and can contact me directly for the relevant fees. 


Discover the practice of self-healing

Self-healing is the practice of setting intentional time aside for your own personal self-discovery, growth and active healing. My approach uses the foundational tools of guided meditation, visualization and journaling to help you access your own inner wisdom. 


Are you already in therapy or perhaps you don't feel like therapy is the best channel of support right now but you are still wanting to work on yourself and invest in your growth? These options are here to support you based on your personal needs right now.

Currently there are some àla carte self-healing resources available (with more to come).


Self-healing Resources
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