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12 Habits of Genuinely Happy People

Updated: May 2, 2020

Some people just seem have it together a lot more than others and they seem truly happy and content within themselves. I want to tell you that this is not by chance and it doesn't necessarily just come naturally to them but it does mean that they are most likely putting in the work to be that way. Before I share with you the habits these people implement to be that way, I want to establish the fact that 'happiness' is an emotional state.

Disclaimer: Happiness is not a destination that you arrive at one day and then forever remain; Amen.

Genuinely happy people know that they will not be happy of every moment of everyday. What I am trying to say is that happiness is something which will naturally come and go, as will many other emotions, this is normal and will not change. But if we want to live a genuinely happy life, then you can start by employing some of the following habits.

#1 They know their strengths & accept their weaknesses

These people are self-aware. They are introspective and will spend time getting to know themselves, understanding what their strengths are; using these to enhance themselves and their lives. They are not shy of recognising their weaknesses or flaws and they and they don't mind asking for help or support when it's needed.

We all have areas in our lives which we are stronger in and it's great to put energy into these areas but don't shy away from the areas of weakness. Lean in and work on improving those areas without having to strive for perfection.

#2 They are open-minded and curious

Being open-minded to new ideas and concepts is key to feeling happy because it means we can get excited over learning new things. We live within ever-changing spaces and we are often not in control of what is happening around us. That's why it is so important to remain open, flexible and willing to listen and learn. There is constantly new information and content being created - never lose your curiosity or stop being a student of life as this will earn you respect and wisdom.

Don't take 'the norm' for granted but rather look at things with a questioning mind, considering your options and finding a path that works for you even if it's against the ordinary way of doing things.

#3 They understand the importance self-care