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Darkness and lightness

I am darkness,

I am light.

And I have the capacity for both.

I feel deep sadness, anger and pain.

I see so many around me suffering;

being unprotected, unseen and unheard.

But I see them,

I feel them

and I am them.

I also feel overwhelming gratitude,

love and joy.

I feel the flow of abundance threading through my life

and I feel content.

I give myself permission to feel it all:

the darkness and the light;

the suffering and the joy.

I am it,

and it is me,

we are all one.

I feel both. Simultaneously. You can feel both too... if you give yourself permission to do so.

It's not fair what's happening right now and it's also not within our control.

Can you invite yourself to feel what's happening for you and validate your own human experience? How can you hold space for yourself right now? What do you need to nurture yourself, in the best way possible, that is within your reach?

How beautiful it is to feel the full range of human emotions. How beautiful it is to allow such internal expansion.

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