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Feed the calm rather than the chaos

It's a normal to reaction to feel anxious & even overwhelmed right now but we need to try our best to feed the calm rather than the chaos.

How can your feed your calm during this time? What helps you to feel safe and grounded?

The anxiety we are all experiencing collectively is also part of a larger collective consciousness which connects us all. It's important that we acknowledge this and the impact that it has on us.

When we see ourselves and others around us taking measures of precaution it does cause anxiety to rise. This is a normal survival instinct and is a very primal, physical response to stress which is completely normal to feel. There may be a lot of fear rising in you at times and it's okay to feel that way. It is not helpful to try and push your feelings of fear and anxiety aside, feeling ashamed for feeling that way.

When you do have experiences such as this, try to acknowledge your feelings and notice how it feels in your body without judgement of yourself. Notice anxious thought patterns as they start to develop and work on thinking positively and looking after yourself to the best of your ability. Ask yourself what you need in that moment.

Get in touch with yourself on an instinctual level. This is a fantastic opportunity to lean into yourself and practice taking care of yourself based on your self-knowledge.

When we feed the chaos within ourselves we also add to the collective conscious chaos. When we feed our own calm we spread calm into the collective conscious. We are all connected and things such as this help us to understand how important it is for us to feed our positive thoughts, for the good of ourselves and for the good of humanity collectively. We are a global community and ubuntu is the only way forward through this.

So how can you feed your calm?

Some nice calm down tools could be:

☆ breathing exercises

☆ calming music

☆ guided yoga or meditation

☆ reading a book

☆ video calling a friend to talk about other things

☆ cleaning and decluttering your home space

☆ doing house chores

☆ making yummy food

☆ doing some active relaxation, lying on a flat surface and engaging with your breath ☆ bullet journaling

☆ scrap booking

☆ organising your cupboards

☆ organising and arranging old photos into folders

What are some ways your like to calm down?!

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