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Happiness without a side of incessant worry

On Instagram yesterday I asked the community to share what was on their hearts with me.

One of the truths that came up was: 'I wish I could be happy without thinking something might go wrong' and I wanted to address this as it seems there were many community members who could relate to this feeling.

The way I interpret this is that it is difficult to be happy and enjoy the moment because there is a constant worry about what might go wrong. This is a form of anxiety; anticipating all the potential negative outcomes of something instead of enjoying the moment for what it is.

The thing about this anxiety is that the anticipation is often a lot worse than the actual reality... in other words, one might imagine something terrible to happen but then it actually turns out to be okay. The anticipation is the part that gets you and blocks you from experiencing joy.

This is a subconscious protective mechanism that many people employ. The way it works is that, basically, if you imagine the worst and anticipate the worst outcome in every situation then you will never be caught off guard or let down if it does happen because you have already anticipated that it would happen. Sound familiar?

This can be quite an effective protective mechanism for many but the problem is that you are not able to experience happiness in the moment or switch off from the incessant noise of worries running through your mind. So let's work on replacing this old habit?

Try this 👇

  1. Firstly, you need to notice what is happening. Become aware that your mind is spiraling in an anxious trajectory and it is blocking you from enjoying the moment.

  2. Remind yourself that just because you are thinking something does not mean that it is true. THOUGHTS ARE NOT FACTS.

  3. Refocus your energy on the present moment by taking 3 deep breaths, connecting to your body and the physical space around you (notice where you are and who you're with)

  4. Acknowledge that happiness is just a feeling and it will pass too but it's okay to enjoy it for what it is right now.

  5. Give thanks for the moment - focus on taking in the details

Let me know your thoughts!

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