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Victim Mentality

The story you are telling yourself,

makes it seem like you are stuck in a hole.

When in reality,

you are the one in control.

Do you often place blame on others or tend to point fingers before taking ownership of your own behaviours? Do you easily see others faults but fail to see your own? You often feel like the world is against you and that everything is happening to you and against you. You may be falling into victim mentality. .

It's normal to fall into this mentality sometimes but some people live their lives there and let me tell you, it's not a fun place to be. Everything feels personal and feels like it's a reflection of you but really others people's behavior is a reflection of themselves, and not you.

The first step of overcoming this mindset, is acknowledging that this is a pattern of yours. And then actively working to see where you can take ownership and responsibility, focusing on what is in your control rather than out of your control.

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