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Your thoughts are not facts

Always remember that your thoughts are not facts.

You can and should question them.

We all have spontaneous thoughts, some of which can be negative, anxious, or even dark and sometimes scary.

Not all thoughts we have are true and it is important that we learn to unpack our thoughts by asking:

  1. Is there evidence to support this thought?

  2. Is there evidence in opposition of this thought?

  3. How is this thought benefiting me?

  4. How is this thought impacting me negatively?

  5. Can I do without this thought?

  6. Can I reframe this to be a more beneficial, positive thought?

It's important that we try and keep our thoughts positive and light as what we feed our minds has an impact on our emotions, our actions and our behaviors.

We can practice using the affirmations:

I love my thoughts.

I love my words.

I love my heart.

I love myself.

Practice this each day, when it feels appropriate, to help reset your intention to think positively, use clean thoughts and words towards yourself and others.

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