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Are you a 'fixer'?

You are not responsible

for the feelings of everyone 

around you.

It's okay for people to feel:

upset, angry or scared.

It's not your job to make it

'all okay'.

It's normal for people to experience a FULL range of emotions and it's not your job to take away or 'fix' things when someone is experiencing difficult emotions... You can support them and be there for them but they need room to experience their full range of emotions.

If it makes you feel uncomfortable to see people struggling, ask yourself what you are struggling with.

If you always question yourself and think it's because you've done something wrong, take a step back and examine your own behaviour in a logical way... Perhaps that person is just having an off day and it may be nothing to do with you.

Learning to sit with this discomfort of difficult emotions rather than trying to: 'fix', numb or push away, is key to your healing.

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