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Texts to send instead of ghosting someone

Have you ever been ghosted? Or perhaps you've ghosted someone else because you haven't known how to communicate your feelings?

Ghosting is really hurtful and leaves a person feeling confused, hurt and disheartened.

So why does it happen? Social media, online dating and texting makes it super easier to delete and block someone out of your life without a second thought. We can move on and continue to swipe through the online menu of potential significant others.

The problem is that it is not simply an online menu... there are real humans behind the profile you see and real humans deserve honest communication. There may be another human on the other end who might be feeling hopeful about the prospect of getting to know you or starting a relationship with you and then suddenly they just never hear back from you.

Perhaps this has happened to you. It's daunting enough putting yourself out there online when you're trying to meet someone and then to have to contend with someone just disappearing after you've invested time and energy trying to get to know them.. it's brutal.

So if you don't want to be ghosted stop ghosting others, ask others how they are feeling and be direct in your communication. Just say how you feel even if it feels uncomfortable. You don't have to like everybody and not everybody has to like you either. But let's normalize a kinder culture around getting to know new people. Let's normalize compassion for other people, even if we don't know them. Let's remember that behind each device is an actual human. Be kind but most of all be honest

Here are six texts you can send instead of ghosting someone.


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