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Turning Triggers into Gold

Every time you feel yourself being triggered by something recognize the opportunity to become aware of your feelings and get to know yourself more deeply.

Being triggered can be really hard... it can bring up stuff that we don't want to face, even stuff that we are actively trying to avoid and yet, there it is staring us in the face each time there is an experience that is triggering for us.

Why does this happen? Why can't we just push things down and move on with our lives?

Well it's because triggers are actually really important- they are our little signs from the universe that tell us: "please hear me out, I need to be seen, I need healing". These triggers may cause discomfort even overwhelm but if you take a moment to notice what is underlying the feelings that come up for you, you will notice that there is some processing and some healing that needs to be nurtured there.

So if we start to think of our triggers as little gateways into our subconscious mind, we may begin to even look at them with compassion and acknowledge them as reminders to do our self healing work.

Do not ever feel ashamed of a trigger - if you have the ability to notice what is triggering you and identify what feelings are coming up, this is the first step of mindfulness (becoming aware).

Triggers are often spoken about in a negative light but I believe they are not positive nor negative but rather just an indication, a sign if you will, that there is some internal work to be done. Now you can do that work on your own, with a therapist or with someone else that you trust but know that when you start to do the work, the triggers will ease up and won't feel as intense anymore. You will have more freedom over your own mind to exercise choice in moments when they arise and you will feel less overwhelmed in these moments.

This does not mean that your triggers will completely go away. I can't promise that they will ever go away but rather they remain in a lesser form to remind you to be gentle with yourself, to make you aware of your own feelings.

Triggers are an opportunity to get to know yourself more deeply. If you can make acquaintances with your triggers and become more familiar with them, you will find them less intimidating then they may initially feel.

Let me know what you think?


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