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2021 Intention Setting

If you are in a process of setting intentions for the year ahead, I urge you to consider focusing on the practice of self-love.

Self-love and self-acceptance is one in the same thing. It means letting go of shame and stepping into our power by embracing ourselves as we are, flaws and all. It means finding compassion over perfection. It means finding space to be soft when you would usually be hard on yourself.

Self-love is a practice, a movement, a way of life. It is a commitment to self-growth and to being honest with yourself about how you are really feeling. It takes courage and empathy.

You have the capacity to learn to love yourself.

Your healing begins when you choose yourself.

Your healing impacts others around you.

As your love for yourself grows so does your capacity to love and accept others.

If you can start to forgive yourself, to let go of shameful narratives, to nurture your inner child, to learn boundaries, you can begin to show up as a more compassionate and loving human within society. And man, do we need more of you in our community, in our society.

In committing to learn to love and accept yourself, you make a commitment to humanity.

I urge you to consider this as part of your practice for 2021. I urge you to consider this as part of your practice for life, a mantra of self-love to thread through your days.

This is my way and it can be your way too.

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