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8 Ways To Start Living More Holistically Today

Updated: May 2, 2020

What is a holistic lifestyle and how do I manifest this in my life? The term holistic really means all-encompassing. It considers all aspects of you and the systems which you are a part of. It not only refers to your mind, body and soul but also the community of which you are a part of, the broader system of society and even the universe. However, for the purpose of this post I will be focusing on aspects of: the mind; body; and soul. Living holistically is a way of life. It's a conscious and mindful choice that you make for yourself to promote health, healing, happiness and overall wellness within you and around you. I believe everyone deserves to achieve wellness in their lives. So here are some essential tips to start living a more holistic lifestyle today:

1. Listen to your body

One of the most important things we can learn within holistic health is the connection between our minds and our bodies. Learning to listen in and feel connected with our bodies is a powerful healing tool which we are all capable of tapping into when we put our minds to it. Have you ever noticed how your body responds to a stressful day or an emotional event? Our bodies are often the most truthful testament to how we are really feeling internally. Even if we choose to ignore or suppress certain emotions, our bodies will show us signs to make sure we listen. That splitting headache, sore tummy or extreme exhaustion, is so often felt in our physical body but what we don't always realise is the connection within our emotional body.

One of the best ways to understand this connection is by realising the amazing things that your body is already doing for you. Think about the fact that you are breathing right now. Without having to think about it, right? Your body is already doing this remarkable thing without you having to even think about it. Learning to manipulate our breath through breathing exercises is one of the easiest ways to get in touch with our mind-body connection. When we consciously control our breath, we are able to notice that our mind has this ability - the ability to change our incoming and outgoing breath. Our breath is therefore a big focus in mindful, holistic living as it is the primary link between our bodies and our minds. Various breathing exercises can help with enhancing this connection but it's good to also be aware and listen to your body for aches and pains; try to be more mindful or when it may be trying to communicate with you by listening in a little deeper.

2. Declutter your space

This is such an important step in fostering wellness. A step which I think often gets overlooked. If you think of a messy space or environment, how does it make you feel? i would be really surprised by anyone who says it feels good and genuinely means it. For me, a messy space equals a messy mind because it just creates so much room for distraction. Try to foster a relationship with tidying up as a time to reset your space. This can enhance creativity, innovative thinking, mindfulness as well as a general sense of calm over chaos.

3. Practice Mindfulness

This leads me to the concept of mindfulness. Perhaps this is something you are familiar with or something you are already trying to implement in your life. It is the art of being present; in the moment, without engaging in distracting thoughts or actions. It doesn't mean that there won't be those distracting thoughts or things around us, it means we choose to exercise our minds to let them move past and around us without engaging with them directly. The benefits of practicing mindfulness are abundant, as it allows us to feel more grounded, calm and connected to ourselves and our environments. There are many ways we can practice being mindful which don't take up a lot of time or energy.

We can:

take a mindful walk

eat a meal mindfully

take a mindful shower

do a mindful meditation

communicate mindfully

As I'm sure you can see, these are things we often do daily anyway but it's really putting your energy into doing them with the intention of being mindful. Setting out to do things with intention will enhance your focus, communication and emotional capacity When doing things mindfully, we notice our five senses, we have a heightened awareness and curiosity and we are open minded to learn new things.

4. Move your body

Your body is designed for movement, for flow, for connection and grounding. Get moving today and not only will your body will thank you tomorrow, your mind will too. Exercise is scientifically proven to enhance emotional stability and help with mental strength and wellness. These days we live such sedentary lives; sitting at desks, behind computers (like me as I write this), and on the couch in front of the TV. This means our bodies take strain being forced to sit for hours at a time as it is not how we as a species have naturally evolved over the years. Our posture, body alignment and muscles take strain and therefore we need to work harder on aligning ourselves when we get the chance, before or after work/study hours.

This, of course, can take many forms. It can include: stretching at your desk; standing up for a few minutes at a time; cleaning up around the house; taking brain breaks to go for a walk; walking close distances instead of driving, singing and dancing in the car, etc (you get my drift). And then of course, your traditional exercises of choice. Just start moving more, assisting your mind-body connection to deepen further.