Benefits of yoga

The benefits of yoga always seem to astound me!

There is never a time where I leave my mat thinking, 'Ah i wish i had spent my time in differently...'

It's a practice of patience with yourself. A practice of contracting and expanding all in one.

Through Pranayama, connecting with your breath, you connect with the source of life. Yoga connects your mind and your body through your breath. It helps you to be still and learn about yourself in a totally different way than other exercise does.

It helps us to practice mindfulness and be present at each moment, guiding us back to that when we inevitably drift away. It teaches you coping skills which you can use throughout your day to find calm.

Yoga has amazing mental health benefits as well and was one of the things (if not the main thing) that helped me to get on track with my life in a time when things were really difficult.

If you haven't tried yoga before and you are keen to try, keep an open mind and experience it without expectations for yourself.

Yoga is for everyone, not specific body types or flexibility abilities- you can start anywhere!

Oh and did I mention that I sometimes bring it into my therapy space, whether its through breathing exercises, meditation or movement?

Yup and it's something different and fun within the therapy space to get stagnant energy moving and change things up.

Do you have any questions about yoga or where to start? Let me know

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