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Find the Adventurer in you

Updated: May 2, 2020

Some days we feel as brave as the famous Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias, discovering the 'Cape of Storms', and other days we feel kinda small... kinda, not brave at all.

Some days we feel like we could take on anything in the world; fierce, strong and ready for what the universe has to offer. Other days we feel like we'd rather crawl up and never leave our tortoise shells. It's okay to have either of these days, as well as those other days in between. But which days would you like to have more of? I'm guessing it's the brave ones, when you decide to try new things, you feel good in your own skin and more receptive to what's around you. And how can you manifest your energy to be more open and receiving of those brave days?

Social media can often glorify 'adventures', making it really seem like everyone else around you is living the most profound, glamorous lives and that things are easy peasy for them. I can tell you now that they also have those 'small' days, they just don't usually post about them on media platforms. Everyone has small days in their own ways and that's okay. It's important to sit through the discomfort sometimes or wallow a bit when you need to but also know when it's time to challenge yourself to turn a 'small' day into a brave one.

Adventures can take many shapes and forms, it's what you make everyday life to be that determines this. We don't need to escape overseas to get our dose of adventure and feel fulfilled because we're getting our fix of what we see online. Of course, this can be nice from time to time when we are fortunate enough to travel but how about travelling in your own back garden or street or neighborhood park? There is so much beauty and wonder in this world that luckily for us, we don't need to jump on a plane to discover this. Take the time to be more mindful when going about your daily tasks. Greet the stranger you walk past on the street, even smiles exchanged can make us feel oh-so-good. You don't always need to be rushing and busy to be seen as important. Start slowing your pace; notice nature around you; notice the people, the places and the creations you encounter.

On the days we feel kinda small we tend to focus on others and comparison of ourselves to others is the ULTIMATE BITCH. Of course we're not like that trendy insta influencer, because we are different and THAT is what makes us beautiful, our differences. So embrace your differences, find out what makes you unique, weird and wonderful... If you're not sure yet, that's okay but then start to be curious about yourself. You can even ask your nearest and dearest, 'what makes me wonderful?", you never know what you might learn about yourself.

Instagram and Pinterest and all those lovely images we see, are lovely because they show us life through beautiful rose gold lenses. My challenge to you is to see your own life through whichever lenses you choose today... be them a cool sky blue, vintage rouge, or multicolored crazy store style. Find your unique filter, and manually change from the lenses you woke up with in the morning to the lenses you choose to wear today.

Having trouble getting out of your tortoise shell and finding your inner adventurer? Please reach out for support, things can get better. You have the power to make the changes you need to enhance your life, if you reach out and get the support you need.

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