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Learning to Love Ourselves

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Sometimes as adults we need to learn how to love and take care of ourselves.

It seems like such a basic skill, which one would think everyone should have mastered by the time they leave high school but most young adults only begin to learn as they leave home and find themselves in a space where everything feels overwhelming.

Some people still have not mastered this skill until much later on in life, when crisis hits and suddenly the juggling of everything is all too much to handle. There have been to many years of putting on a brave face and pretending everything's okay.

It's important that you empower yourself and learn how to take care of your needs: physically, emotionally and socially.

Learn how to: check in with yourself; how to regulate your nervous system; cope with conflict; identify what your body needs; identify the signs of needing rest; tap into your intuition; how to manage stress; how to say 'no'; and when it's important for you to say 'YES!".

Get curious about you and spend the time getting to know your needs, wants and love languages. The most important relationship you will ever have will be with yourself - surely it deserves time and effort? Surely it deserves dedication and commitment? Love and tender care?

If you haven't begun already, now is a good time to get curious about you... and it's never too late and there is never 'not enough time' to spend time on your dear self.

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