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Lessons from nature

A List from my journal //

● There is stillness and there is chaos but neither last forever

● There is always a new opportunity to grow

● I may not be the prettiest, most complex plant but I am the only plant like


● We are part of a much larger ecosystem

● There are new things to discover around each bend

● Nature is patient and nature is kind; new seedlings take time to grow but when the do, it is magnificent

● What is meant for me will be for me, there is no competition in nature

● I lean on you, you lean on me; there is symbiosis in nature

● Nature can be burnt to the ground and yet it will grow back and bloom again; we can start again

● Change is inevitable but if you let go and trust, what is meant to be will be

● You cannot control what is outside of you but you can control what is inside

● There is calm after the rain

● That which dies nourishes the living

If you could add to my list what would you say you learn from nature? ❤🌿

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