The womb // between two worlds

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

I share my body with you,

the body which is my home

I would invite you in a million times over,

I couldn't think of a better place to keep you safe

And while I have not even met you,

the deepest part of me already knows you

You fit me like a comfy knit sweater,

that I look forward to wearing each winter,

like an old friend,

re-entering my life again.

My womb feels complete with you nestled inside,

a sense of fullness

while knowing, that you'll only be there for a short time

I'll remember this feeling of keeping you safe inside,

without even having to try

An internal knowing,

as natural as breathing.

And when you're ready to join me,

earth side,

I'll hold you tenderly in my arms,

while I secretly miss having you within me

I'll watch your little body breathe,

just be with you;

in awe of your raw perfection,

witnessing your new life as it sprouts

I promise to embrace your unique spirit

as I learn how to be separate from you,

your own body taking over

and keeping you safe,

your human home,

earth side.

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