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You deserve the best of you

Gift yourself the honour of sacred time with yourself. This lies in the little rituals, the daily habits and the acts of love you share with yourself and others around you.

You deserve the best of you.

Treat yourself with love and attentive nature, give yourself the time of day by listening and being a support system to yourself.

Check in and ask yourself how you're doing today?

Make yourself that cuppa coffee with care.

Do little acts of service for yourself: like making your bed and tidying up.

Spend quality time with yourself.

Show yourself affection by grabbing a cozy blanket on a cold night or giving yourself a squeeze before bed.

Light a candle just for you and massage your feet with oils before bed.

Put music on to set the tone for whatever you may need at the time.

There are many ways you can show up for yourself and time, with yourself, is the most important; getting to know yourself, your needs and desires.

What do you need more of?

What do you need less of?

Get curious about you ❤

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