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Seeing the Gold in Others

When we learn to open our hearts to see the inherent goodness which lies beneath the surface of others, we open up a channel for them to be able to see their own golden light. The light that shines beneath: all the conditioning, defensive coverings and protective layers.

This is one of the foundational values I hold as a person, which I bring into my therapy space. I always try to see and acknowledge the gold in every being that crosses my path. The goodness that lies silently beneath all the layers that can cover it up.

Sometimes it's difficult for others to see their own inherent goodness and so being seen in that way can open up a channel for them to begin to experience themselves in this new light.

Within our Western world, there seems to be much shame and self-hatred that is carried. I see it often and I've even experienced it myself. We must learn to see and feel the inherent goodness that is at the core of us in order to connect to the truth - that at the heart of us, we are pure, loving and good. That we were born that way and the only reason we see it differently is because of the layers of conditioning we've adopted: the protective barriers we place around ourselves to preserve, in order to survive emotionally.

Do you struggle to see your goodness? Perhaps you struggle to see the goodness in others?

This week I challenge you to try and see the gold in three people you cross paths with. Set the intention of opening your heart and really lean in to notice the goodness. You don't have to say anything to them but they will feel it, in the way you will find yourself interacting with them. Notice if this changes anything for you or creates an internal shift.

Let yourself be a channel for others to be able to recognize their own gold and see if you can begin see yourself that way too.


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