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What do boundaries feel like?

What do boundaries feel like?

It's not my job to fix other people.

It's okay if others get angry.

It's okay to say no.

It's not my job to take

responsibility for others.

I do not have to anticipate the needs of others.

It is my job to look after me.

Not everybody has to agree with me.

I have the right to my own feelings.

I am enough.

Sometimes when someone grows up in a home when they had to be very receptive to others emotions and usually had to put others first, they can lose touch with their own emotional needs or feel like they have to put others first in order to be valued within the family. They learn that their needs are secondary and their worth is attached to them supporting others. In reality, their worth is not attached to anything - as we are inherently worthy of love from the day we were born. But this is the underlying message they received and it became threatening to them to set boundaries and put themselves first as this may have lead to feeling worthless or like they don't have value to add.

If you are one of them, know that you are worthy regardless of the role you've always played. You can change anytime and the affirmations for what boundaries feels like (above) are there for you as a guideline.

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