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You are not the problem

You are not the problem:

you are not the label they put on you

or the diagnosis you received.

You are you,

and that problem you are facing

is just something you are working through.

So let's work with that

let's see what we can take from it

but we will not be losing you in the process.

In light of mental health awareness month, let's just take a moment to sit you on a park bench next to your mental struggle.

Can you turn and introduce yourself to them? What is their name? Are they male, female, neutral or other? Perhaps they are an animal, a creature or a ghost. Notice what comes to mind for you. Describe their physical appearance. Notice that they have qualities outside of you (your true self). Now can you be with them? Can you let them be? Can you just sit with them in your presence. Can you be with this?

Perhaps you would like to ask them some questions. Go ahead and ask away. The other sitting next to you will answer you, if you them clear and specific questions. Open your mind and investigate with curiosity; get to know them; learn from them but do not fool yourself into thinking you are them.

Create a little space between you and them and just sit, together on a park bench.

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